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Refuge Church of Christ began its humble beings through the vision of its Establishmentarian Elder Andrew Young in the early 1920’s Elder Young felt the call to open the doors of Refuge Church of Christ in Atlantic City, N.J. With his wife Mother Young and family.

Elder Andrew Young Pastored Refuge Church of Christ until his untimely death in 1938. Upon his passing the mantle to Pastor this great church was put in the hands of Elder Powell in 1938 while pastoring Refuge Church of Christ Elder Powell would become great friends with another Pastor by the name of Henry D. Jones the two Pastors would have daily conversation concerning ministry.

Elder Powell would become seriously ill doing the winter of 1975 while dealing with this sickness Elder Powell would ask Pastor Henry D. Jones if he would Pastor Refuge Church of Christ , Yet while Pastor Jones was still Pastoring Refuge Church of Christ in Philadelphia, PA ; doing December of 1975 Pastor Powell would succumb to his illness and rest in the Lord.

Pastor Jones would sit in the seat as Overseer while training and individual by the name of Elder Bradford Berry who would be installed as the Pastor in 1978. Apostle B. Berry would affectively Pastor Refuge Church of Christ until August 2007 in which he would take on the roll as Overseer while Pastoring Rehoboth Temple in Columbus, Ohio, in August of 2007 Apostle B. Berry would announce that he would be leaving the day to day operation of Refuge Church of Christ in the hands of Elder W. Mckenzie  August 2007- to present.