Our Vision

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Since the Refuge Church of Christ had made It’s landmark. In the city of Pleasantville New Jersey the Church Became the Heart of the Community. The purpose of the Church is to help people find they way to GOD and help guide souls to salvation so deliverance can be  received through the ministry.


Our membership of worshippers has grown over the years. The Refuge Church of Christ is a strong community base of love and Fellowship. Our doors is open to all who in need of GOD and support, What make The Refuge Church of Christ a house you can call home is the consideration and love we have for others. Specially when one goes through the lost of loosing a love one The Refuge Church of Christ will be there for full support as a Church of the community.


It is most important to us that we remind people GOD has a plan for all of us. As believers we all have to walk in faith. And learn how to put change in other people life. thats what makes our ministry grow. The Refuge Church of Christ made such a impact on the community that it spread to the Media and Radio. The love that this Church give to people is not going unrecognized this house of worship change the lives of so many.


To impact this community and the world around us By sharing the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ; to show brotherly love to all, and fulfill the mandate giving to us; feed the hungry, cloth the naked. And equip our fellow-man with the care Christian values; “To love thy God with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself


Mark 12:30,31

Our Motto 

The Church in the heart of the Community, with the Community in our heart